Dr. David W. Robinson
6 Jan 2021

Greg Weaver, the audio analyst©: the Latest Chapter of a Lifelong Journey

… I have been following it all along, and continue to enjoy the insights, passion, commitment, and authority that Greg brings to these videos. I recommend that you subscribe to his channel, and check out these unique YouTube presentations from his listening room in Indiana. I think that I can safely say that you’ll enjoy them!

I certainly do.

Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief
Positive Feedback

10 May 2020

Thanks for a look into your audio journey, a wild and fascinating road!

Jack Bornstein
17 May 2020

Another home-run!  I’ve never been able to find the right digital recording of any Classical performance that had the depth and dynamics that could “wow” me but now I’ll look forward to the Qobuz stream or your cd link.

David W Robinson
17 May 2020

An edifying, well informed, and refreshingly personal discourse, brother! Keep it coming.

13 July 2020

Greg: I love your straight-talking brand of audio journalism. This episode may be my favorite yet.

Hi Res Audio Costa
28 June 2020

I’ve never heard a review of an album presented in this form.  Your enthusiasm and description makes me want to listen to this album.

GTT Audio
14 July 2020

Fantastic video, perhaps the most important one you have done yet.  Obviously lots of common sense here which needs/needed to be talked about and brought out in the open.  I love the examples you used.

Priyo Ganguli
23 Aug 2020

Greg, the way you describe sound and gear is like audio poetry!

Hi Res Audio Costa
23 Aug 2020

Another great video.  I really appreciate learning new and useful descriptive terminology that you impart into describing sound stage and instrument characteristics.   I applaud the chronological way that you present information.

Small Room Audio
24 Aug 2020

Terrific review and great channel! Top work my man!

6 Sept 2020

We appreciate you Greg. I am learning more from you then I have from just reading reviews online since you have so much real world experience.

Cesar Gutierrez
15 Sept 2020

Best audiophile videos bar none !!!! Thanks for all of the great info and sharing all of your experience and knowledge

20 Sept 2020

Wonderful work, Dr. Weaver. As always, the more that I listen to you, the more that I learn.

Tony Colletti
20 Sept 2020

Awesome. Simple and understandable.

Cesar Gutierrez
27 Sept 2020

Great info and very well explained. Thank u

Steve Fulmer
27 Sept 2020

This is a great video that explains something very few understand.

GTT Audio
27 Sept 2020

Another educational and informative video which everyone who is into hi-fi should watch.  Truly it should be required watching.

Barry Cox
4 Oct 2020

I really enjoyed this video! This is an very interesting story from your past! I look forward to seeing more videos! Thanks for all you do!  Barry

Khu NoPie
11 Oct 2020

Leave It To Weaver to provide practical advice to us Audiophiles, sometimes known as “tweaks,” other  times known as  “tips,” that cost LESS THAN the price of a cup of “greasy spoon” coffee!

Dan Nathan
18 Oct 2020

Thank you Greg, I think this is one of the best step-by-step guide I have seen so far. Much appreciated!

The Underwood Hi Fi Channel And More
18 Oct 2020

Superb job Greg – very enjoyable.

volume studio
18 Oct 2020

Hi Greg! I really love your channel and I almost never comment on anything.

But your content is what I have been looking for when I started a couple years ago.

Gary Beard
25 Oct 2020

Excellent, excellent, choice!  This is such an amazing musical work. Thanks for the informative tour!

WallyTools Analog Setup Tools
1 Nov 2020

LOVE the fantastic tip, Greg! Thank you!

1 Nov 2020

Best.AudioAnalyst.Review.Yet. Hearing the enthusiasm in your voice – and seeing it on your face – exceeds the enthusiasm in your ETM cable review by a country mile.

John H
1 Nov 2020

Hi Greg, thank you for the wonderful and valuable contributions you’re making through this channel!

22 Dec 2020

Beautiful explanation.  You delivered a near professor-level discourse of these guiding principles for optimal audio performance.