Bruce Cockburn, with nephew John, touring his “Crowing Ignites”
release at Umble Hall, Goshen College, September 24, 2019
photo by Greg Weaver

The name the audio analyst© first appeared in 1988 as the title of a small, high-end audio publication that I founded that same year.

Now, having written for some of the Finest audio publications in the US, The Absolute Sound, Positive Feedback, Enjoy The Music, TONEAudio, Part-Time Audiophile, The Stereo Times, and SoundStage!, it has made its way back to the fore as the primary outlet for my work, both written and recorded…

Across these pages, you will find links to every article I’ve ever had published on the web, and many PDFs of printed media works as well. AND, it is home to links to all my YouTube videos.

I have spent the better part of the past five decades in and around the high-performance audio and Music industries, and my goal is to help you find ways and gear to help you get closer to our chosen passion…

…the MUSIC!

I hope you enjoy the site and all the information it offers. Please write me with your impressions or suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to visit today!

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